Gotta love Kickstarter!

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No seriously, you really do…

I recently received packages for two projects I backed a while ago. The first was Frank Chimero’s book The Shape of Design back in Feb 2011, and the second was Safwat’s (& James’) screen printing project. 

I’ve got to say, there’s not much else that can match that feeling you get when you receive something that you saw through from beginning. I mean for someone to include you on their journey of creation that you know was only possible because of others like you all coming together to contribute, and then to receive something tangible at the end… not much can compare.

Also, how do you say no to pitches like this that show real effort, creativity, and love.

There’s also that amazing personal touch that the project creators include that do pretty well at conveying their appreciation.

Frank included signatures, hand-written thank-yous, and a Twitter account for the book with lots of character.

If the future is headed toward crowd-funded creation and collaborative consumption, then it’s a future I don’t mind at all being a part of.

Ciao for now, off to see what other cool things are happening on Kickstarter 😉

p.s. Frank’s kickstarter video is worth a watch too.

Blurring day and night

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[Heads up, a bit longer than my usual posts]

Been such a while since I’ve done some casual writing. I’m fresh off a friend’s posterous and while I am ridiculously busy right now, I’ve decided to steal some away time to pen (type) some of this down.

So blurring day and night, what’s that about?

Right now, I’m in the middle of working on three big projects and one smaller one. I’m passionate about each of these and could easily spend my time on any one in particular so you can imagine the time suck these 3.5 are having on my life.


The first is putting together a new website and some fresh new content for our non-profit back home.

It’s just inching past a year old now and has grown unbelievable quickly in that time! We’re now at that point where we need to start organising all our projects and blog posts, and presenting them in a properly designed format, and so I’ve been tweaking wordpress themes, reading up and writing content, and getting the old Twitter going again. It’s tedious work, but it’s amazingly fulfiling and fun.


Discussion panel, & Francine via Google+ at screening

I’m also really passionate about getting down into this, and I’m even hoping I can get some framework from the mix of theory and research to use within our community planning actions.


And what about that smaller thing?


Well it’s actually two! One is the groundwork for a design business I’ve been helping a friend set up back home. They’re at that stage now where they’re bringing in one or two clients and there’s a lot of administrative work to be done to get it up and properly running (legal contracts, accounting systems etc.).

The second is plans for growing out TEDxNottingham, attracting a city-wide team, and introducing the event to as many and varied groups as we can in Nottingham, all in the build-up to next year’s event. All this while still doing some final work to get the videos from our last event edited and pushed out there (no small task in itself).


With all this work it’s no wonder I’ve been losing track of day and night. I’ve slowly pushed my sleep patterns to roughly somewhere between 7am and 3pm now. It’s all work that I love doing though and I think I’m just at a really high intensity point where everything is temporarily converging. Looking forward to a bit of a lull after the next couple days, but for now, back to the drawing board!

What else have I got locked away up there?

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Strangely enough though, when I put the cursor in the field a name popped into my head that felt unfamiliar yet strangely right. “Great, I’ve got a username and no password…”. When I put the cursor into the next field though, another word pops into my head. 

“There’s no way this is going to work” I’m thinking to myself and yet sure enough though, when I hit enter I’m in!

Now this is just weird because I can’t even remember what host I have this on or when I bought it. A little more digging through emails and GoDaddy nameserver info and I finally figure out my hosting account, but it was so strange how almost unconsciously I was able to recall these details.

Even stranger, the invoice on the account says I bought it less than two months ago. Makes me wonder, what else have I got locked away up there?!…

Source: Flickr hey__paul