On equality…

August 16th, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

Take from it what you will. I know it couldn’t be more timely for me…

Excerpt from this blogpost: On devictimising ourselves

… following the advice of Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, mentioned in their 2010 book, The Spirit Level: Why Equality is better for everyone, p236:

“The key is to map out ways in which the new society can begin to grow within and alongside the institutions it may gradually marginalize and replace. That is what making change is really about. Rather than simply waiting for government to do it for us, we have to start making it in our own lives and in the institutions of our society right away. What we need is not one big revolution but a continuous stream of small changes in a consistent direction. And to give ourselves the best chance of making the necessary transformation of society we need to remember that the aim is to make a more sociable society, which means avoiding the disruption and dislocation which increase insecurity and fear and so often ends in disastrous backlash. The aim is to increase people’s sense of security and to reduce fear; to make everyone feel that a more equal society not only has room for them but also that it offers a more fulfilling life than is possible in a society dominated by hierarchy and inequality.”