When Value ? Money!

May 2nd, 2012 § 0 comments

Finally getting down to a bit of courseworks now. Just jotted down as many ideas as I can on a blank .doc trying to remember what “was personally interesting to me” over 3 months ago. It’s for a learning log. Some not so bad ideas actually, and they’re appropriate enough that you could believe I learnt them within that module (which I probably did).

One I quite like is the idea of splitting value from money. Just for some context, the module was Social Entrepreneurship. As part of it, we’re shown how these sorts of ventures can’t be judged on just the cash they generated, and if we did do that, most of them would appear to be horrible businesses. Instead, we’re meant to find where value is generated by the business in other areas.

It’s fun just realising that at the end of the day money is not really money, it’s just a representation of the value we put on it. The trick is now to find other ways to assign that value to show the social and environmental worth of the venture. Monopoly money anyone?..

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