What else have I got locked away up there?

July 4th, 2012 § 0 comments

Strangely enough though, when I put the cursor in the field a name popped into my head that felt unfamiliar yet strangely right. “Great, I’ve got a username and no password…”. When I put the cursor into the next field though, another word pops into my head. 

“There’s no way this is going to work” I’m thinking to myself and yet sure enough though, when I hit enter I’m in!

Now this is just weird because I can’t even remember what host I have this on or when I bought it. A little more digging through emails and GoDaddy nameserver info and I finally figure out my hosting account, but it was so strange how almost unconsciously I was able to recall these details.

Even stranger, the invoice on the account says I bought it less than two months ago. Makes me wonder, what else have I got locked away up there?!…

Source: Flickr hey__paul

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