Gotta love Kickstarter!

July 23rd, 2012 § 0 comments

No seriously, you really do…

I recently received packages for two projects I backed a while ago. The first was Frank Chimero’s book The Shape of Design back in Feb 2011, and the second was Safwat’s (& James’) screen printing project. 

I’ve got to say, there’s not much else that can match that feeling you get when you receive something that you saw through from beginning. I mean for someone to include you on their journey of creation that you know was only possible because of others like you all coming together to contribute, and then to receive something tangible at the end… not much can compare.

Also, how do you say no to pitches like this that show real effort, creativity, and love.

There’s also that amazing personal touch that the project creators include that do pretty well at conveying their appreciation.

Frank included signatures, hand-written thank-yous, and a Twitter account for the book with lots of character.

If the future is headed toward crowd-funded creation and collaborative consumption, then it’s a future I don’t mind at all being a part of.

Ciao for now, off to see what other cool things are happening on Kickstarter 😉

p.s. Frank’s kickstarter video is worth a watch too.

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