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October 8th, 2012 § 0 comments

I’m extremely delighted, and almost ashamed to be posting this.

Delighted because I can share this amazing talk with you. It speaks of the danger of having only one story of a place, a situation, a culture or a people. It highlights how easily we can be oblivious to the real facts of a subject, and how our views can be skewed by what stories we’re exposed to. It encourage us to dig deeper, change our pre-conceptions and to find another story!

Ashamed because I too have fallen prey to the ‘single story’ phenomenon in the past. Most notably with the mis-conceptions she speaks of with Africa, and on my own of the Arab world. Though not so badly off since some level of intuition and common sense always told me what I saw wasn’t all to it, I still did form certain perceptions of these places largely based on the mass media I was exposed to. After meeting people from these places and actively searching for ‘other stories’ though, I’m happy to say my conceptions have been breaking over and over again, and I’ve now developed a hunger for finding that ‘next story’ with different cultures and situations around the world.

So what pre-conceptions have you found to be massively wrong recently? I guarantee you’re probably walking around with one or two you hadn’t even realised before.


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